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life is beautiful

by - March 09, 2009

i have so much wonderful things happened this weekend. and before i continue telling lots of stories, reviews, feelings, experience... i just want to say, "Ya Allah... i am so very much grateful for all the beautiful things and people around me. Alhamdulillah. i am grateful that i have such a loving parents, wonderful and loving sisters, smart and charming wonderful kids and of course, my sayang AD who loves me for who i am except that when he asks me to go to the gym... :P... hehehe :D"... let the story begins...

the day that we have been waiting for... the 'hari anugerah cemerlang' for joelis' school. and this year (for last year's achievement), joey received 4 awards and lisa received 3 awards! i am a proud mom... :) alhamdulillah... and both of them played in the school orchestra. :) joey looked so cute playing the drum. i cant really see lisa when she played her guitar coz i was blocked by a few parents in front of me. but no worries, colman got everything on video. ;) thanks colman. AD came and stayed till joey went up the stage to receive his awards. hehehe :D although he doesnt understand bahasa, he stayed till the end.

this weekend was my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. and they were away for the weekend at the legend water chalet for their honeymoon. but... oh well, my dad and mom just could not be away from their grandchildren. my dad was already asking my mom if she has called home. like.. duhhh... enjoy your honeymoon! so, my mom actually asked us to come over to port dickson to surprise my dad. so that saturday, my sister N3 and i with my lil joelis took a drive to port dickson to surprise my dad. AD was not around on the weekend, so, that saturday, i drove AD to the airport and off we went to port dickson. we were lucky that we got a room at selesa beach resort, next to regency. the place was okay lah... and later that night we walked to the beach where we were supposed to give my dad the surprise.. hehehe :D and we succeeded! my sister, N1 joined us later with her family... hehe.. so much of a honeymoon for the parents huh :P anyhow, avillion is much better than legend water chalet. since AD brought my camera to PT, i just took video of joelis and the place :)

hmmmm... what else... oh yes, this is the first time that AD and i are away from each other for eermmm... 5 days? hmmm okay, i sent him off on saturday, so that didnt count eh.. there's sunday, monday and tuesday.. and yey, he is coming home on wednesday. errr do i miss him.. yes i did and still do... :) terribly... and when i thought i was the only one, i received all his smses at 554am! i straight away called him on his PT number and it was 454am over there... boy am i so glad to hear his voice... hmmm the reception was not that good that my sms and his did not go through. and today, i got to speak to his bestfriend in PT. yeahh... maybe we can go for our honeymoon there... hopefully we get to be on the yacht when its back? ;) who knows... hehehe the funny thing is that this week was the most that we say 'i love you' to each other... hahahah LOL.... duhh... yeah... its expensive la to say it all the time... :P :P ahakss....

dah dah.... ein, go to sleep!!! ;) and 1 more day to go before i get to see my handsome prince again! aahh looking forward to that *wink*

ein signing off at 1157pm.... and she had a wonderful time with the family... and also missing AD as it is a wonderful feeling missing someone that you love ;)

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