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harley here we come..?? :P

by - March 01, 2009

my joelis have been the busiest people for the past few weeks. they have been having their music orchestra practice for a few weeks. this week they had their music camp from 8am-4pm on saturday and 8am-630pm on sunday.... hmmmm life can be boring without my joelis. but... we AD and I did something different this weekend. we went to the harley showroom... heh.. heh... tak layan babies kecik, layan la baby besar... :P

should see AD's face... he looked like an excited boy who just got a new toy... hmmmm... anyways, here are a few pictures that he took at the shop. ;) the blue one - softtail is AD's... priced at RM123K i think... and mine is the black one - nightrod .. priced at RM157K.


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