Wednesday, January 14, 2009


guilty for being busy... :) not complaining but pouring my whatever... heheheh :D going to and fro office. no time to play around with fb anymore. office has blocked a lot of area on internet, hence, not having so much time 'wasted'... ahakss... easier said, 'susah mau curik tulang' hahaha :D anyway, last night i tried my new dress with joelis... and they give their honest opinion. hehehe :D they are so sweet in giving their comments. i really enjoy staying on our own now.. at first it was quite tough.. but now we are getting used to it. and if i had to work late, we'll get the maid to accompany joelis. joelis are so independant now that sometimes they started to bebel when the maid wants to help them on things... hehehe grumply lisa and whiny lil joey.. :P

i have like 3 blogs to maintain now... and creating another one for office use.. hmmmpphh.. how will i manage that now? anyway, here are pics of us... latest ;)