Monday, November 10, 2008

just purr-fect

i had a perfect, well 99% perfect day last saturday. yeup, one day after i got discharged from gleneagles. the day just went flowing nicely... joelis and i know that its gonna be a full day, and i tried to arrange it so that it wont be too packed. oh yes, i did went to the wedding. it was so wonderful and beautiful. of course i had to get less excited. :) we actually left the wedding early around 11pm but as usual coming back from cyberjaya always laa... we always get lost ... hehehe :D so, i ended up got home around 1 something in the morning.

so, the next morning got up not too late, to have breakfast with joelis at diva restaurant.
  • fuel up petrol and went to get a birthday present for joey's friend.
  • stopby the stall to buy a newspaper.
  • drop lisa in school for her trip with her teacher and friends.
  • drop joey at kfc for the party.
  • i went to the guesthouse to wait for the wardrobe's delivery. asked a favor from the 2 guys to help me rearrange the bedroom.. gosh they look nicer now...
  • afternoon 1pm: got back into the car, fetched joey from the party.
  • went to a seafood restaurant for my lunch - and i tell you, it was the most expensive lunch that i ever had!!! :O stayed there longer around 2 hours coz there was free wifi... hehehe :D
  • joey played with the laptop while i have my lunch.
  • i did some work for the next hour - and i covered all my leads!!! wuhuuuu
  • came home... fetched lisa from school.
and.... why is the story hanging? errr.. coz i forgot what happened next.... hmmmm...