Friday, October 10, 2008


shopping: i am poorer by rm160 today, but i am happy :) well, women, they go shopping when they are stressed. am i stressed? nope... not exactly, i am just using that excuse to buy things... :P hehehe :D AD's gonna kill me when he knows how i spent the money that he gave me yesterday :P his guess was wrong. he said i was gonna wash my hair at the saloon and i denied it... ahaks... well anyway... damaged has been done. i was at brickfields area and the punjabi suits were lovely!!! i just had to... hey diwali is 2 weeks away... we are malaysians... arent we? :P

2 women: next, i have been meeting .. well not really meeting as in meeting.. but i see them almost daily. 2 women who like to sit at the stairways. not that it is wrong but somehow after many times seeing them there, i just feel like writing something. you know, both will be seated there every day during lunch time. both are wearing 'tudung' and they will smoke. if not smoking, they will be playing with their handphones. during the last fasting month they did the same too. well, you know, women when they have their menstruals, they dont fast... but, do they get it everyday?? :O duhh.... no wonder other people lost their respect towards moslems nowadays... [ yeah yeah yeah.. i have my mistakes too :( ]

my issues: not really ... hehehe :D yeah i have been feeling not nice. i just cant keep things from AD. he knew something is wrong with me. and we talked it out last night. i just love talking to him. i was so afraid to talk about the issues coz i am worried with what he might think of me. but... *phew* i was relieved when he was really open about it :) and i felt much lighter. and i am looking forward for the weekend... with open houses... and being with my joelis :)