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me and my moodi-ness

by - October 14, 2008

i believe every one knows this. when a man says 'nothing' it really meant 'nothing' but, when a woman says 'nothing' it may meant 'there is something' well... not all the time but most of the time. and i am in that mode right now.. simply because i saw/& read something yesterday. which, being me.. as usual, if i were to ask him.. it is actually nothing that i should be concern about? :O :P but .. me being me again... until i have 'the talk' with him... i will be like this... :( which makes me hate myself. i just dont feel like doing anything. him, as usual being chirpy.. and happy... i just cant lie about my feelings. :( he asked me last night which went like,

'sweetheart, what is wrong?'
and me... trying to ignore that question, continue doing the dishes.
'sweetheart, you better talk to me. i can do the washing later'
me... 'what?' trying to avoid again..
'i know something is wrong. i can see from your face'.
'oh yeah?... hehehehe :D' trying to giggle although God knows whats in my head :(
'faster... i am listening now'
'nothing la...' when of course there is something!! darn!!
'okay.. if you dont want to tell me'
'yeah... what makes you think there's something?' trying to give him the blur face.
'oh.. hahaha... i can see straight from your face!!'
'ok laa.. i need to go now..'

and me... famous of leaving the situation unsettled... and entertaining the questions in my head... duhhh :O

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