Thursday, October 16, 2008

isk.. isk... i am cool

happily i called up angelina on the way home yesterday. hik..hik.. hik... i am back to me... my stupid concern had been settled. gosh... see, told ya... it was just me and my stupid thoughts. it was raining after work yesterday. i was supposed to have a meeting at 830pm and to wait till 830pm at the office is so not me at the moment yesterday. so, there i was at AD's place, thought i could find him in the gym coz i knew he has a trainee at that time. but when i reached the gym, it was dark.. so went straight to his place.. and he was surprised to see me.. :D well, anyway, we went down after prayer to have dinner at the cafe near his place. he was being talkaltive as usual.. telling lots of his stories... his past.. and he was laughing about it. and he asked me at one point of time. 'so, have you got any stories to share?' and my answer was, 'nahhh.. my life (that particular section) was not as colorful as yours' and he just smiled at me. the conclusion is, i asked him the questions that i kept since monday... *roll of eyes* and yey!!! alhamdulillah... i worried too much :P har... har... har... shame on you ein!!! just because you have been played before, does not mean all of 'them' are like him. as i have learned that some people settled for a relationship for his own convenience.. well, not that i say it is wrong coz every one is free to make a decision.. just that before making a certain decision, its not nice to hurt other people's feelings, right? or.. not? so, what i had with AD.. after the experience that i had with someone, i asked him all the questions that i have in my head... i dont want at the end of the day.. the excuse was, 'we cant have a relationship coz you are a moslem...' duhhh... WTF... ehh... i am off track!!! :P

i came home early last night... skipped other things.. told AD that somehow this week, i just feel wanna be home early and be with joelis. and he said, 'then be home baby.... be with kids' and i smiled back at him... i have been in between junction for the past few days... 50% on work and 50% my heart is with joelis.. and..... i am so glad that being with AD, he made wonderful plans... and this week, we are going for an adventure!! AD, joelis and i..... and guess what, we... or lisa chose going for the adventure than attending 2 open houses.. and we are so looking forward to this... :D and expect pictures people... lisa has been to the place during her camping session some time ago... and just hope that this time joelis can join doing the challenging things there!!

hmmm what else? oh yes... it was my younger sister's birthday yesterday... plan at home is... wait till my elder sister comes back from london on friday which is tomorrow, then we'll celebrate. perhaps we should do double celebration... since it was the fasting month during my youngest sister's birthday the other day.

before i forget... there was a blackout at home last night.. it seems that a tree has fallen on the electric cable or something... so we were all in the dark.... and hot!! lisa was busy lighting the candles.. and i dont know what she was doing walking in and out the rooms... and the same goes with my mom.. hehehe :D joey and i had a good time in bed spending our own quality time.. me, helping him answering his potential questions/interview to be a school prefect.

joey asked me, 'ma, will you be glad if i get selected?'
'yes i will be if you are glad about it'
'some of the students are not happy ma. they say its stressful to be a prefect'
'well, ya.. it could be.. and you have been bullied in school. how are you going to face that?'
'hmmm... yeahh... '
'maybe you can get a bodyguard??' i said, jokingly to him... and i see the grin.... amboi...!!!

we tried to sleep... and joey was sweating like crazy... i told him to take off his tshirt.. i took a card and fan him till he fell asleep... and i was awaken by AD's call!! duhhh... nak kena cubit nie.... kacau jer orang tido tau... isk .. isk... he just finished a meeting... and after talking to him... i went back to sleep... it was really nice to sleep after listening to someone that you love... aahh... jiwang karat... siot!!! :P