Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy me :D :D

i am just cleaning up my phone and i found a few photos that i took. must have thought of updating my blog when i took those photos :) my new pajamas that my elder sister bought from london... made me so so very happy!! why??? hehehe.. because its a frog pajamas!!! wuhhuuuu

here are photos of my dad's kebun :D heh.. heh.. well not his actually. beside our house there is an abandoned piece of land. the owner did not build a house. so most of the time the land will grow i dont know what trees... so what my dad did was, pay someone to clean up the land and he planted some fruits and vegetables... no worries, my dad already asked permission from the land owner :) so here are the pics of us inspecting the area... ahaksss...

and another one, me with my new punjabi suit :) :P tried to pose like that model but tak jadi la... hahaha... :D but did not take a full photo... jadik la ekkkk.... :D

goshhh i need to go for my manicure!! its getting so difficult to type now :P