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feelings... nothing more than feelings

by - October 29, 2008

i like what my friend wrote in her notes... :) what am i doing blogging and reading the internet? well, we are normal human beings and we need a break once in a while. we are no robots who can work for straight 8 hours a day!!! as long as you get your work done on time, i dont see why we cant jump in and out certain pages... duhhh...

Feelings..nothing more than feelings...
I wrote a comment recently on my fb profile..just impromptu, expressing the feeling of the moment we Aries are famous for (getting ourselves into trouble, and getting out of them even faster). It went, "Shari is heart broken...i wonder if a UHU glue can fix it"...

I was not surprise to get a response from mostly women. I was surprise however, to get a respond from one man. I hate to generalize but, most men are emotional retards. When a woman say something emotional, they tend to freeze, thinking she needs a solution. Most men I come across, find it easier to win a war, than to handle their own emotions even, let alone another woman's..ergo, emotional retards....Women on the other hand, will talk and talk and talk until they decided to stop talking about it altogether. read more

i hope you guys can get to the link. :) and i remember many days back, when we both AD and i were about to have dinner... AD was saying, 'sweetheart, can you please put for me the rice on the plate... show me some love...' and i actually broke into laughter... in fact i am smiling while typing this and remembering that moment.. hee hee :D and yes of course i prepared his dinner at that time... and started to joke about it... just that... i used to do that for him... me being asian, i guess... but somehow he made it so casual that, i dont need to prepare everything so detail for him. but i guess, i should just be me, and do whatever i think is proper, dont you think? hmmmm... and ein is thinking again

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