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so excited!!

by - September 05, 2008

why? coz of a few reasons... by the way its raining very heavily out there and i am still in the office waiting for the right time to go and break our fast at muzium kesenian islam. as usual, company's event annually. off late i have been feeling so like wanna go chill... just wanna go out... but the last time AD and i went out... i forgot how to dance already... heheheh :D that shows how long i have been quiet :P and since now is the fasting month... err.. i would feel guilty if i were to go out at night.. hmm... what a not so clever thought... should think of staying home and recite the quran.. hmm ok lah... i'll just do that.

well anyway... why am i excited?? coz for the first time, i will be attending an indian wedding. i missed one few months back coz i was not in kl... and trow there'll be another one :) yey... so looking forward.. hmmm what am i gonna wear yea?? ohhh..gotta buy the wedding present tomorrow lah!!

and tomorrow morning is gonna be another photo session.. and ... this time, i am gathering the whole family to do it.. really hope that it'll happen!! my parents, sisters, nephew and nieces... hehehehh :D i like.....

tupperware mini bazaar... yeaupp... letting go about 4 boxes of tupperware items at home.. rather than staying in the box, might as well i sell and at least i have more space in the bedroom :P and after that... family time.. have not thought of anything yet with joelis and AD.. but, we'll think of something i am sure.. maybe pictionary or charade.. err is that how you spell it? :D

ok la gotta go now... its getting late... see ya next week!! with pictures on the weekend ;) have a great weekend everyone :)

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