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hate politics

by - September 14, 2008

yes... i hate it... used to say the same to my friend, whom now he is not a friend anymore... hmmm i wonder why... deleted me from the facebook list, multiply album... hmm to satisfy someone i supposed.. ahakss... well anyway thats beside the point. he used to tell me that i need to know whats going on around. well, now that i am interested to know, i hate it more. malaysia is not like malaysia before... everything sucks!! they are becoming kurang ajar... claiming their rights kunun... wtf... i want another mahathir!! :( why cant they live like we used to before. tertekan sangat ke depa ni?? tak payah lah nak adakan apa2 sentimen yang tak ada... benda bodoh jer.. nak sangat negara yang aman ni kucar kacir... bangang ke apa... ingat dah terer sangat la tuh?? goshh memang meluat dgn depa2 nieh... kalau dah tak suka sangat, blah laaa.. tak reti nak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada di negara sendiri.

there you go... me letting out my frustration.

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