Wednesday, September 17, 2008

girls' night out at the balcony :P

received a call from SS yesterday asking me if i have plans in the evening. on tuesday, is the day that i'll be home early to be with joelis... or.. err.. have an extra hour of sleep? :P after saying that i am free, i asked her, 'whats up?' she asked if i wanna join for coffee at alexis. hmmm... told her terawikh ends just before 10pm. and after joelis sleep, then i can make it. well, as usual, we plan, but everything is in God's hand.

my parents invited about 10 guests from Thailand for breaking fast at home... i was really tired. and yes, i was quite moody too. i did not expect to be with that many people around. i started to talk nonsense. saying things that i was not supposed to. :( well anyway, after breaking fast, i helped the maid to wash the dishes and clear up the dining table. by then i was already exhausted. joey was already asleep. and lisa followed soon after. i sent an sms to SS telling her that i am too tired to even get out of bed. well... in summary, i quickly took another shower... got ready, and instead of having coffee at alexis, all of us, SS, me, CM gathered at Yz's house. :) her kids were asleep too by then. so, there we were having chit chats at the balcony, looking at klcc tower... hmmm beautiful. :)

it was fun indeed to catch up sometimes... of couse we cant have too often... everyone's busy with their own stuff. :) but the chit chat was fun... of course laa... girls' yik yakking are always fun! by 1245am... we decided to say good byes..

here's a pic that i took with my phone camera.. :)