Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the drama

think about this. he tells girl A that girl B is just a friend. and i bet he tells girl B that girl A is just a friend too. but he sleeps with both girls... sick.. yeup, i would think that it is sick although to some, thats normal. and watching this kind of drama makes me wanna puke. girl A calls him and he said that he is busy... when the actual fact was, girl B was in his bed. and to some, this is life... but hey... what happen to honesty? and girl A is innocently thinking that he is such a the saint. when, he is actually covered by guilt and prefers to not say anything. duhhh...

think about it, if girl A knows the truth, would she still wanna be with him?

go to sleep ein... early morning meeting tomorrow... and ein misses AD :P