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value of friendship

by - August 08, 2008

OMG.... i am such a bluechhh for the past few days... well anyway, have you ever thought of how much some people would value friendship? at my age now, i didnt expect myself to actually still thinking about all this petty petty things... but again, being a woman, we think of everything, even if its as small as errmmm bacteria?? heheheh :D

just wanna mention that i can be such a pain in the a%$ not that i want to make other people's life difficult, just that i think too much. so, the conclusion is, now, i just want to say this... 'jealousy and insecurity is not sexy!' :) so i guess whatever that he has said to me before has come true, what he is afraid of.. but its okay, life goes on..

action speaks louder than words

angelina... thank you for being my ears.. and for slapping me on the face! hahahaha :D LOL...

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