its a great friday!!

yes!!! i am energized after a full shitty day yesterday! yesterday was history... and today is a new day... AND... i am so looking forward for a successful event tomorrow in kuala selangor with the whole team of MCB and specially dedicated for WSB team!!! love you all so so so much...

and joelis... next week, mommy will be with you for a full 5 days 4 nights until you both get tired seeing my face!! hahahaha... joelis were a bit sulking yesterday coz i wont be coming home tonight. yeup.. i will be sleeping over in kuala selangor tonight with some other colleagues at the office as some of us will need to be at the park as early as 4am!! hmmmm boleh ke??? errkkkssss...

and to my buddy WN... i'd like to congratulate you for tomorrow will be a big day for you and MH... its gonna be a great new beginning for both of you. i wish you best of luck and may lots of love coming your way :)

as for me... i am just feeling so great this morning... :) things are in place... done all the checklist... get the whole team moving.. got an sms from AD this morning - err... yeup, i was too busy to smsed him.. but i am so thankful and grateful, alhamdulillah that we both have that understanding and trust that we dont need to report or see each other every now and then... LOL... we are passed that phase i guess... we work towards our goals and insyaAllah, we will get our target.


Wafa Nokman said…
Thanks really means a lot to us both... And I hope for the best for you too...Have fun in KS...;-)
ein said…
my pleasure... :) take care of you and your other half now :)

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