Friday, August 15, 2008

i have decided

to get away from the negative vibes... and... will not let it bug me. so... early this morning, i disturbed AD... heh.. heh.. :D sent him a morning wish.. but there was silence... hhmmm... okay.. continue driving to work... had early breakfast coz i will be having a meeting at 10am. before that i was busy with my claims... yeahh.. gotta have some extra cash after my holiday... hahaha... sure habis banyak punya... meeting ended early... so decided to repair my hair.. yeup... went to re-color. got a good price.. rm60... okay what... :)

and today, i had more time to think of what AD has said. and he has his points.. he usually does. :) only that at times when it comes to some 'other' things, i would not argue with him coz its pointless. :P and after yesterday's conversation, he put some senses in my head.

pause: just had a customer service experience with a credit card officer... hahaha... and i am surprised that i managed to keep myself calm... kwangg kwangg kwanggg..

okay... ran off track.... coming back to the story here. i was thinking, while doing my work.. why doesnt AD call me or sms me back? hmm... could he was disturbed about how i was acting yesterday? or, as usual, it has got something to do with celcom - which i strongly feel, thats the reason.. ahhh... i am sure, by the time i get to office, there will be a msg from him on skype. :) think positive...right :)

and... true enough... hhahaha... its celcom problem again.. and i had to call him.. listening to his cheerful voice makes me smile and it put away all the whatever that i was thinking before. he was on the way to the gym coz he cant work, coz his phone was not working... how nice huh... :)

okay laa... i've got to get started again... after a long break. my hair looks nice :P just made a call to lisa... she'll be getting her treat tonight... disney - high school musical on ice.. her birthday present from N4... N4 was lucky to get a VIP ticket for that.. unfortunately, there wasnt enough to bring joey along. :( but, its okay... there'll be a next time :)