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by - July 30, 2008

i just cant stop myself from pouring out my frustration. we are organizing and sponsoring an event but i am so frustrated with the society that we are supporting. they are really taking us on a free ride. story goes like this, we opened up a booth for our company and that society too to create awareness and give exposure for that society. it has already agreed that they will send their rep to man the booth and we have our rep. they came for the first day yesterday, and later they just informed me that they are busy for something that there wont be any rep from their side to man the booth for today and tomorrow. when i spent a few minutes with them yesterday at the booth, all they know was complaining while seating there - looking bored. come on... if you sit there looking bored, of course no one will want to approach your booth! hmmm... and they have been charging us like crazy for the event there... tak pe laa... i guess this is going to be our first and last dealing with that society.

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