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one of the days

by - July 02, 2008

as i am typing this... my tongue still hurts because of the hot maggie mee that i ate yesterday for tea. grr...rrrr.. i ate too little during lunch and i was afraid that i would tremble during my netball training.. but.. now it hurts my tongue... hmmmm.. well anyway, had a good training session.. although was really panting like crazy!!! and our netball manager took a good video too!

saw an x5 (my dream car... errr... one of them) broke down on the way home from netball yesterday.. with its front boot open.. smoke coming out from the engine area and it made me think... hmmm expensive car.. and still giving problems... *roll of eyes* hehehehe.. oh yes... not forgetting nice single digit plate number *sigh*

and this morning.. lisa asked for extra rm1 coz she lost her bet on germany... ehhehehee... hmmm... nope, not giving her the extra rm1... not for that purpose!

liars are everywhere.. sometimes white lies are needed.. although i dont agree with it, but i guess, you/we/me will need it sometimes. but... if someone lies.. and assume that i am that stupid to believe... hmmmm well... you've got the wrong person mate!! arrgghhh...

whoops... looks like ein is in her cranky mood right now...

arrrgghhh.. too much things to do... too little time left... shucksss!!! been busy like crazy... lots of datelines!! but hey.. i am enjoying the busy-ness. :)

oh yess... i got someone to put password for our internet line at home... so you internet thieves... no more free internet for you guys!! muahahhaha..

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