Wednesday, July 9, 2008

can i strangle him?

yeup.. this is what i feel like doing right now. i can feel the/my blood goes up to my head... warm.. and my fingers are getting chilled for keeping my errmmm... not to say anger, but.. more of exasperate! yess... and i just needed to look up into my dictionary for that word! ahahh.. or maybe the bahasa word could sound better i.e. geram!! iigghhh.... can i do that... just pinch him, or maybe punch him.. or karate him or anything like that??!! aarrgghhh.... AD!!!!!!
he can be so sweet at times, funny most of the time, loving.. serious.. when it comes about work and fitness... but the other day... it was just.. aarrgghhh... and when he knew it was his mistake... he had this guilt on his face but want to act macho at the same time.. can you visualize that kind of face expression?? ..and when i asked him directly straight to his face... i can see that his face showed 'oh shite!' LOL... and today he is doing it again!!! not the same mistake but still... double uuaarrghhh... dushh dushh... wachhaa!!!

this is how i feel at this very moment... now that you've done your therapy, get back to work ein!! pronto!!