Wednesday, July 16, 2008

can i do it my way?

i was quite .. err well.. not upset, but more of disturbed with what AD said yesterday. some people work differently. i know that the team is working hard on this, and it is working although there are some people out there who still do not understand how simple the system is, only if they act on it, just duplicate... all are ready and prepared, we just need to duplicate the system. that is all. well, what disturbed me yesterday was when AD mentioned something about me (or maybe other people - so he said) going off for holidays all the time. so what if i go for holidays? i still do what i needed to do. i needed break once in a while. i needed break to be alone. i needed break to be with my family and i needed break to be with joelis. and... i dont think i made other people's life miserable by going for my holidays. i work hard to get where i am right now. and i have my passion too... i love outdoor activities... i.e. my netball, my dancercise... and most of all now, my diving or whatever concerning the beach. i have never imagined that some day i could dive.. or i would be a diver. if i were still married, i dont think i can do all these things! i am happy with what i am doing right now. i have been really busy.. and i hope i have divided my time, although not that equally, but i try my best to satisfy everyone. *sigh* and i know that the team is having a special meeting on the 26th, but i need to go outstation that weekend... my full time work feeds my joelis and i. and it is not a holiday for goodness sake. although, yeah we will have fun during the corporate teambuilding. :) *double sigh*

i just wanna do it my way :( i will make it happen. i know i can!