Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a bit of everything

i just feel like writing something. but i dont know what. or there are too many to write that i dont know how to segregate them :P

received an email from MB last week. he just wanted to say hi.. and at the same time, he invited us for dinner or a drink. and i was too busy to even reply to his email. it is kind of awkward if i were to accept the invitation. just had to clear my mind before i reply his email. and few days later, after the weekend, i replied saying that we, AD and i have been too busy with work that we hardly go out and have fun. so, he can let us know what are the dates and see if it matches our time. and then, there was silence. knowing MB, he may be waiting for the right time, or the idea just went off from his system :) and me, i have not asked AD yet, coz i dont know how to. and after asking a few good friends, they'd told me not to.. hmmm

am i beautiful?... i am just tired of people saying.. 'hey you are beautiful'... like.. duhhh... i am not saying this because i am ungrateful. but its just that, i am a bit over aged to be told like that over and over again :) especially to the new so-called friends. or maybe its just their way of having small talks... hehehehe :D and once they have started with that, i'll start to act cold. like no more desire to continue with the small talk?!

'can you send to me your pictures, i want to see...?' another stupid and tiring request!!! hellooo.... why should i send you my pictures?? *sigh* busdus and letih lah...

and i just hate pushy people... gosh... its like, 'can i have your phone number?' and i'd go, 'errmm no' and they'll go, 'why??' and the pushiness is getting more and more ..duhhh..

found my fav boots!! yes... i am so happy today, before going to work in the morning. i was digging the store looking for my black flat shoes. and when i opened up one of the boxes - there they were...!!! my favorite brown boots that i bought in US last time. just that i need to repair the sole...

atm card :( i am having problems with it again. tried to take out some money to pay to my mom actually and i cant use my card!! aarrgghhh... why laa... i had this problem before we went for our diving. and when i used it again, it was okay... i just dont understand.

called my joey a while ago... well actually many times in one hour. :) i felt that he is growing up so fast! he is fasting today, like the rest of us. he called from school in the morning complaining of tummy ache. so i told him that he can break his fast if he cant stand it. but when i called just now, he was still fasting. :) and...

joey: ma, can you please not call me many times
me: i just needed to check if kakak lisa has informed atuk that she is back
joey: yeaa... but you are making me thirsty (with his slow weak voice)
me: chuckled... ohh oh ok... heheheheh :D
joey: i just want to relax and watch tv
me: okay sayang...
joey: bye ma..
me: bye sayang... love you
joey: love you too