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the earthquake experience?

by - May 21, 2008

ya... ya.. ya... weekends are for family. and i look forward to that all the time. i was late to xango's office last saturday... had guests at home.. and i was very sure that AD is going to nag... errkkss... yeah... he is very particular about time.. hmmm... well, i would be on time most of the time, just last saturday, i sort of lost track of the time. well, anyway, just before i got to the office, AD called me and told me that no guests turned up, and i dont need to park my car. hmmmm... i was really starving and my mom cooked my favorite dish. picked up AD, and drove back for lunch :D heheheh.... and.. after that lisa asked if we can go out for a movie. hmmm... told her to ask AD... and when AD said, 'yes' everyone got ready... it was the boys' choice this time. joey has decided to watch ironman. okay laa... whatever... parked the car at AD's place and we walked to times square. hmmmm luck was not on joey's side.. ironman's ticket were not enough for 4. so, we had to decide on the next movie... which was narnia! yey.... :D hehehehe... we had another one and a half hour before the movie starts. joelis wanted snacks. so, we stopped at kenny rogers for snacks.. lisa had mac and cheese while joey had his ice cream jelly... hmmm yummy... and i only get to watch... :( cut story short... i was really sleepy before the movie, and i thought i was gonna fall asleep in the cinema... but... i did not!! love the movie!!! although some of the creatures did scare me a bit hehehe :D guys... go watch narnia.. :) for aslan!! heh heh :D

sunday, hmmmm what happened eh? oh... AD came over and we played badminton.. :D yeup... we took turn, lisa, joey, AD and i... hmmm should have snapped some pics huh... sorry... i forgot lah.. :P

monday, had things to do too at home... and i slept for about 2 hours!! and AD came for badminton again... hehehe... starting to get addicted to badminton now huh.. AD had dinner at our place... and later i drove him home. we had the monday online training...

and... i get to experience the affect of earthquake from north sumatra... hmmmm... we were watching movie and suddenly our sofa moved sideways... i mean the floor... errmm... whatever lah... and i thought i was imagining it.. but it was real!

AD: did you feel that?
me: yeah... what was that??
AD: hmmm... hey again..
me: hmmm o'uh...
AD: do you think we should go down now?
me: errmm i dunno... you wanna still stay here?
AD: heh..heh... :D

and true enough, an hour later, there was news on tv... earthquake in north sumatra.

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