Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dear diary :P

my mood: :) :P :* :O :s all are there.

my thoughts: time flies really fast nowadays

i miss: my joelis and AD

i want: to go on holiday... really be on holiday and not think of work :P hehehe :D can aarrr? and spend lots and lots of muhney!!!

i feel: tired - my mind is tired coz i dont stop thinking and working. but at the same time i am satisfied with myself and achievement(s). however, joelis feels that i have been too busy. :( i am sorry huney bun bun... but i need to make this work for us. i wish i can do better but at this moment this is what i need to do okay darlings.. :* i am at the office now... missing both my joelis. i know they are back from school... will give them a call shortly. no matter how busy i am at the office, i will call them just to hear their voice :) i hope they can understand that nothing matters more than them in this world for me. but they fight a lot nowadays... and i get tensed :( but if they are okay.... hmmmm love to see them laugh and play together. must be the phase. :) i just uploaded this pic below on my handphone.

my joelis: lisa is very protective, and sentimental at the same time. she told me that she missed her dad last weekend when we spent time with AD. other than that, i will keep it between lisa and i... its not a routine that we spend every weekend with AD, but joey is enjoying his company. somehow, i can feel that lisa is feeling a bit ackward.. yeup... she has gone through a lot. she wants me to be happy. and at the same time i can feel that whenever AD is around, lisa will miss her dad more. and there is nothing that i can do to make her feel any better except being there for her and just listen :( joey is a bit different. he is more relaxed than his sister.. he is enjoying every moment of his life, whatever is presented before him. and currently, i know he is happy with AD around.

bila lagi nak amik gambar macam ni ekkk??? buhsan laa... no new pics... raul!!!!!! kekekeke :D