Tuesday, February 19, 2008

gimme a break - get a kit kat!!

yeah okay... i am supposed to be busy... well i am... but there's something in me... crawling out wanting too much to update my blog!!!! heheheeh :D sounds eerieee... right? hehhee just me having itchy fingers to write in my blog :P

have you ever saw someone and after that you have this thought in you...
"gosh he is good looking!" and in your mind you were thinking
"would i ever get to meet up with him and have the chance to actually chat/talk to him?"
tadaaaa!!!! i had that yesterday... and it lightens up my day

had a great time yesterday, it was a short meet up and love the surprise... :) my friend introduced me to someone.. and i am smiling till now... and in fact i was giggling all the way driving home... hmmmphh.... it was like a dream... its like magic... hahaha LOL.... and as i am typing this, i am listening to my 'current' theme song... [it has nothing to do with the someone that i met yesterday] yeahh slowly people.. slowly... i will get over him totally :) yeup... 'am sick of these games'

reached home just abt 9pm last night... joey fell down in school during the day yesterday... and he had a bad bruise on his thigh.. my sister was telling me to sue the school for not having the drain cover... ermmm... nahh.. well anyway... joey had a slight fever last night and this morning, it worries me a bit... as have to make sure that joey do not get a very high temperature.. :( gave him some fever medicine before sending him off to school... and here i am in the office still worrying about him.. will call home soon to check on joey. already told lisa to check on his temp during school break at 1000am.

question: can i trust another MS?