Saturday, December 1, 2007

its dec already?

You are unstoppable today, ain. You are feeling fit and looking great. There is nothing you can't do. This is likely to be a social day, filled with new faces and places. The aspect at play strongly suggests that you are about to receive a windfall of some sort. Perhaps that raise or promotion will come through. If it doesn't, consider speaking to your boss about it. You know you are deserving.

wow.... yes.. i like what it says.. heh..heh :P i just finished watching sehati berdansa with the whole family... thats a weekly 'event' on saturday nights :) other than every tuesday night watching 'jelatang' and oh yes... 'iris' from tuesday to thursday. and yeup i get carried away watching dramas like that.

had a great night last night with the usual hang out group, AA, Angelina, Angelina's sister, SA, James.. hmm what else, my car overheated for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks. sent to the service centre, changed the radiator. hopefully no more major things happening to my car. was at the guesthouse with my elder sister's family and the kids went swimming.. and after lunch, i slept... although 5 kids were running around the house. :P i had a bad migraine... :(

errrmm.. really not in the mood to write my blog now... :( my mind is at work... but i have no idea to put in the write up... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!