Thursday, December 20, 2007

happy eid adha

happy eid adha to all my muslim readers. :) i am writing my blog while waiting for my turn for a massage. we had lots of food for breakfast today. from rice with rendang, chicken kuzi ( i think) roti jala made by my elder sister, bread pudding, cheese hi-fiber, lemang, to fettucini carbonara for the kids.

went to the guesthouse to clean up... it was in a mess after the contractors did the sink in the kitchen. very dusty... cleaned up 1 bathroom, mopped the whole place... and i got exhausted.

something funny happened yesterday morning. when someone whom i used to know smsed me early in the morning, told me that he dreamed of me - pregnant! hmmmm rezeki tuh... so, somehow, i replied to his sms saying, no, i am not pregnant - but i am married! :O gulppp... and guess what... he actually called me at the office to ask who my husband is.. duhhh... it is non of his business, really! but it was fun hearing him begging to know whom i am married to. and my guess is, he will be curious till now! and i intend to let him be :P