Tuesday, December 25, 2007

6 days at home! :)

despite some shitty moments, i had a nice time being at home, with my kids and family... and spending some time with friends too.

eid adha - had the simplest celebration ever! we had a family gathering for breakfast, took lots of crazy pictures :D N3 had her friend came for Raya. my friend came... and we ended up at the guesthouse installing water heater, and me cleaning up the place with joelis watching tv... my dad never misses giving us presents on hari raya :)

xmas eve - the whole family had dinner at the guesthouse. it was an impromptu decision. decided on sunday during the visit at my aunt's place in shah alam. we were thinking, why dont we have xmas dinner - just for fun.. and my parents were okay with the idea. told my eldest sister and coincidently she already bought a whole turkey and she planned to roast it. so, its dinner at the guesthouse! N1 roasting the turkey, N2 preparing the venue and supposedly the salad, N3 prepares potato salad, N4 just make sure that she comes home on time. but in the end, N2 had to pass over the duty to N4 as she found the guesthouse was in a mess due to some hacking works. joelis helped out with blowing the balloons and tied up the balloons to the strings before i hang them on the wall. while joelis were blowing the balloons, i became a superwoman cleaning the whole place and washing up 2 bathrooms, arranging the chairs and preparing the table for dinner. i was glad that all of them arrived quite late unlike our usual dinner time right after maghrib prayers. they arrived around 830pm, i think.... all were starving... and the best part was, all the kids had lots of vege that night!! the turkey was yummy.. and after having dessert, lisa and kelly prepared an impromptu dance performance - hindi song! it was fantastic that they came up with the steps within 30 minutes!! both of them were wearing the punjabi suit that N1 bought during the day. joey did a solo performance after that with his hip hop dance :D N1 and family went home at around 11pm, while the rest of the family members put up a night at the guesthouse. :)

how we spent christmas day - i got up earlier than usual, prepared simple breakfast for the whole family. my dad had to leave early as its his fishing day today. so, parents and N3 left soon after breakfast. i decided to go for a swim with joelis, while N4 enjoying her breakfast and tv. it was a good swim... it relaxed my cloudy mind for a while. ordered roti canai as requested by lisa. and after awhile i waited by the pool while joelis were still playing in the pool.. i sort of fallen asleep :P heh...heh.. :D it was so nice lying by the pool after a swim... well anyway... later we picked up the roti canai and went upstairs... after tidying up the place, we drove home...

felt like needed to do something... i decided to go to the curve/ikano. i got hooked on fb for a while. lisa was already restless... in the end, she decided not to come along. so, it was just me, N4 and joey. bought 2 pairs of jeans for lisa and all her jeans became too tight :P. got a transformer tshirt for joey. saw the tugu drum circle group there...!! love them!! oh yes, joey get to experience the snow... yeup.. snow in malaysia :) manmade..of course... lots of people around, i had to hold on to joey's tshirt as he got too excited to get in the middle of the crowd - and i wanna make sure i dont lose him!! :D we took lots of pictures... and love them all. :) wish lisa came with us... but i guess, nothing can be compared to the real snow. its okay, joelis, one day, i will take you both to experience the real snow! ;)

had a great day today... ein signing off at 1212am - thinking.. if only this body and mind is not built by Allah swt, it would have crushed long time ago. whatever had happened - there is a reason behind it. and only He knows whats the reason and whats best for me... Ya Allah berikan lah ketenangan itu. and i am thankful to You, for all the wonderful times with the wonderful people that You have given me this year - although its temporary, alhamdulillah.

ahhh this cough syrup is good.. i am getting sleepy!