Monday, November 12, 2007

another full weekend

everyone's chasing for the last minute open houses. i had a busy weekend, but well managed :P duhhh... spent quality time with the family, joelis, friends... and also MB :P hehehe... [dah lama tak cerita pasal MB kan?!] the weekend started since friday, with a party i so-called organised for our dear friend SA. although not that organised, we managed to get about 11 of us gathered at tsb for the birthday party.

had a lazy day on saturday... got out of bed quite late. had late breakfast around 11nish... late lunch with joelis and my sister around 230pm. drove off to KD for an open house. we went there early so that joelis and abg zaid's & kak ros's kids have time to catch up, while i have time to chat with them too. cant remember the last time we met. we planned for a sleep over for the kids during the school holidays... aahh see if it'll happen :D the traffic was bad on the way to KD... due to the illegal gathering they are having at the dataran merdeka. i was lucky that on the way back it was clear. sent joelis home, and make sure there are dinner for joelis and later i went out for dinner with MB :) good food, nice ambience, good band/music.. cut all the details... :P we had a great time.....

sunday... got up and get ready for a birthday party at KDE. i sms'ed joelis's dad and ask if he can accompany joey to his friend's party. and that's settled... lisa and i went to the other party. :) joelis did face panting on their faces... food was good. after the party, waited for joey to come back, and we drove to bukit jelutong to my cousin's open house and furniture viewing. they have beautiful furnitures!! and i fell in love!! ziinnggg..... sorry dude...too late... i cant be saved!!!

hope i can write more... now that the internet at home is okay. :) will try okay... ;)