Monday, October 29, 2007


thats what i can think of - the title. had smoothies yesterday with MB.. slurrpp.. the mango smoothies was delicious!! and had a taste of MB's smoothies - mixed of strawberry and mango... delicious too!! it was really hot and i was sweating and getting feeling sticky. we moved from one restaurant to another. had a good chat with MB... hmmm its like... errmm.. when there are things in my head, but i just dont feel like talking about it... and he will start talking about it.. :) its like a mind reading game :P it was a short meet up since MB has his basketball later.. looking forward to meet up again :) on the way back, i saw james car... hhehehe :D whooppss..

went to my old neighbour's house for hari raya yesterday. it was good.. we have not been really seeing each other eversince i have moved to my parents' place. lisa was busy playing with her friends and joey got stuck playing the PS2.

havent been writing in my blog for quite some time. dont wanna write the same things over and over again. hehehe :D anyway.. here are some things that has been playing in my thots:

some things are better be left as it is... coz even to think about it will make it a bit complicated?

some words said can ruin a nice friendship and it takes an unexpected longer time to heal although have tried so hard to just forgive and forget

OMG, she is getting married!!! this is a very very very happy news indeed. got her invitation card this morning. i told her, if its gonna be someone else's wedding, i wont be that interested to open the envelope :P, but hey... i am so very very happy for her... :) she's the most cheerful, sporting and easy going person that i have ever been friends with :) congratulations GG! and i will definitely attend her wedding! :) hmmm what am i gonna wear now?? :P

seafood?? oh okay... this is news!! here's the story. MB and i went all the way to klang to have seafood for dinner. there's this place, suggested by SA... i dont know what to expect coz i have not been to klang for seafood. searched thru the internet details of the restaurant, got the map and contact number. hmmm.. all are well organised. showed the map to MB and warned him that i am not good at reading maps. and MB said that we should just proceed. so, there we go... we got stuck at the federal highway jam, although it was past 9pm... i should have shown MB another way via NKVE but since i was busy on the phone with my sister, i didnt realised that we were already on federal highway. to cut story short, it was a bit of a search to find the place.. hehehe :D we reached the jetty... we reached the place where there were big lorries... and finally, we found the place.. hmmm.. first impression... it doesnt look nice :P but since we were hungry... what the heck... i chose a spot at the corner, supposedly nearer to the errmmm... sea? :P and... while waiting for our order, we saw a huge rat, running behind my chair.. hmmm.. i was still calm... but after the 2nd rat (or maybe the same one) made 2nd appearance, i dont think i can sit there anymore...!! i almost got frozen!! so, we moved to somewhere in the middle... and my eyes were already looking here and there.. the food was not bad... i'd give 6 out of 10. will we go there again? nope... we dont think so!!... as we were about to go home, i asked MB if i can just wait for him somewhere near the restaurant's entrance.. and while waiting for him, i saw another rat running... in front of me!! can u imagine what could be on the restaurant's kitchen floor now?? uurrgghhh.... but, i had a wonderful evening anyway, because of the company ;)