Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ready guys!!

mood: sleepy .. something is missing :P :P wakakakaka and that's a pic of my sleepy face at the office :P
very very very unproductive day today... cant even think straight.. i am like a useless person just the same as when you talk to me after i got up from sleep. its like.. i talk but i dont know what i am talking about. :S eerrrrr... no good huh... trying so hard to keep myself awake!

nice moments: fetched MB after sahur, sent him to the airport. really nice to get to see him before he goes back to OZ for his masters basketball. well, actually did not plan to do that, just that i was already at the office .. too early in the morning. so decided to sent him straight to the airport... :) :) met AI at the airport... he looked 'segak' despite the tired looking face. i was excited when i saw him... smiled immediately and as we walked passed him, i wished him, 'assalamualaikum' and smiled... i forgot whether he is a Dato Sri now or Tan Sri... eerrkkss.. he answered and smiled back... as MB and i were saying our goodbyes, AI walked behind me and asked, 'nak pi mana?' 'tak de mana *smile* hantar kawan' :) told MB who AI is/was... and ohh... our goodbyes... hehehe :P to be honest, dont really like goodbyes.. but... well, there is always the first time, right? walked towards the 'balcony' and as MB walked after the escalator... i was talking to myself 'aahh... will he look back up? should i whistle or smthg... heheheh... crazy.. !' and... he did looked up.. and i waited till i cant see him again... hmmmphh.. did a short window shopping... and went to the office... took a short nap... reached office the usual time ;)
and now i am feeling so sleepy... cant wait to go home... will have an early night tonight for sure! :)

oh yes... our office is nicely decorated now for raya!! :D what you see here is a part of the decor... ketupats hanging from the ceiling :) will upload more... later..