Thursday, October 18, 2007

nazam lebaran

the song that i am listening to now :) my fav raya song. i am back at work, since yesterday actually. office is still quiet, lots of staff taking the whole week off. had this comment from RR about my blog just before raya holidays... 'mcm blog remaja' hahaha :D siot jer.. alaa relak la brader... kasi chan... :P

raya was good this year... busy but relaxed busy. many guests at home.. from morning till night, but with the assistance of 2 helpers, okay sikit... and us sisters kind of took turn. 1st day raya, a few families - friends of my parents came for visit.. lasted till after maghrib. 2nd raya, drove up to kuala selangor till night. 3rd raya drove up to banting, and later covered shah alam area, my aunt's and cousin's house. 4th raya, open house for my parents' relatives, brothers and sisters. and 5th raya... i am back at the office :)

MB is back! will not elaborate more... heehee.... :D :D :D we met up for a short visit last night and i got my souvenior.. yey... it was really sweet.. gurly sweet :P loved it!! thank you!

pics?? errmmm... havent got the chance to upload yet ... still in a dreamy mood hmmmphh... :D

got a call from K this morning.. he's got another job and might be based in langkawi... wuhuuu bestnya... after this, if we were to go to langkawi... we have a friend there to take us around... ;) hahaha... maybe before he goes off, we'll meet up to catch up on things... will get TA to join as well.. maybe somewhere end of october before K starts his work in november. :)