Friday, October 5, 2007

love hurts

i was resting on my bed after breaking fast last night. he ran into the room and straight away jumped on me! hugged me and kissed me... and this was what came out of his mouth:

joey: wow... maa... love hurts!
me: huh? what? *laughing* what did you say?
joey: well... love hurts!
me: hehehehe...:D why did you say that? where did you learn that?
joey: it is, see... *he hugged me and i hugged him back* it hurts when we hug or hold too tight!
me: laaa... *still laughing* yeahhh you've got a point there :)

and he left me alone in the room - still smiling while he watched the cartoon.

something is amiss..... and i wonder what... ;)