Thursday, October 11, 2007

selamat hari raya!

90% of the staffs have gone home :) just a few of us still here.. heh..heh.. work hard? what to do... services company :) its gonna be a long and exciting weekend for me and my whole family. hari raya is gonna be on saturday. i wont be online for the whole weekend :) means... off from blogging and off from facebook :P... but will still be on sms... for sure :)

well, nothing else to update except for last minute shopping for lisa... and as usual [annual event] every raya eve, me and my sisters and mom will be visiting the shopping complexes for lelong stuffs hehehe :D best giler... haspening ;P

oh yes, i received duit raya this year!! heh..heh...wwuuhhuuuu... tor che tor che... murah rezeki :) stay tuned for updates and pics of raya 2007!! till then take care.. drive safely for those who'll be driving :)