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the story of nurin

by - September 21, 2007

it is a sad ending for this little girl. as i was typing this, the latest news was, Nurin's father agreed on the 2nd DNA test to make sure that the litlle girl's body found in the sports bag is Nurin. what is wrong with people out there nowadays?? they have become so cruel and it doesnt matter whether its a little girl, or even at a grandmother's age.. astaghfirullahalazimm.. i feel sorry for the family. this is indeed another reminder for all mothers and fathers out there, never ever let your children to wonder around on their own, no matter how independant you think your child can be. they need you as their guardian at any time. if things like this were to happen, who do we blame? the parents who allowed them to go out on their own, or the beast that has done this cruelty to them!! all of us in the family were so upset with the news.. maybe when they catch the beast, we should just tie him/her somewhere and we'd throw stones at that beast till he/she suffer before he/she dies slowly!!! kurang ajar!!!

if its true that little girl's body is Nurin, condolences to the whole family and may this incident teach all of us a lesson that children shouldnt be left alone out of the house. and al-fatihah...

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