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good food at prince hotel

by - September 26, 2007

prince hotel, so far it has never failed me serving good food... for a person who doesnt really eat much, especially when it comes to variety.. errmm.. i'd say, had a great time last night and not forgetting with the company of an old friend, WN. we arrived quite early just before 6pm i think, after picking up WN at the Stesen Sentral and collected the CD from RR... yesss people... more pics are being uploaded as i am typing this, so, go visit anytime :)

we sat at the sofa area outside of the ballroom where we had a good chat, catching up on things.. work, family, joelis etc.. and later my colleagues from the office joined us at the sofa, although, we both were still busy yik yakking...ermmm ignoring other people.. hahaha.. :D and hemmm no signs of my bro-in-law and my sister yet... oh yes, my bro-in-law (the co that he's working for) is the host for the dinner/buka puasa function. by 6.45pm all of us at the sofa adjourned to the ballroom...

the first thing that caught WN's eyes was the lamb!! nyehh...nyehhh... oh yes, that's the first place that we are gonna attack, as advised by WN :P... we got up and i got myself a glass of teh tarik.. and later got the lamb and rice (some sort of nasi beriyani) as starter. added some lauk pauk... i took, mix vege (fav) with broccoli, mushroom etc, prawn sambal, telur itik masak lemak.. hmm yummmyy... paused for a while, took a break... and when i came back, my sister and my bro-in-law have arrived... joined our table. :) true enough, by the time my bro-in-law arrived, no more lamb to be seen! :O i took some fried kuey tiow... (nice but would be nicer if it was not that dry :P ) had the bread pudding and cheese cake... hmmm the bread pudding was good, not too sweet. i think i had too much... lol :P and i think during fasting month i can't take lamb that much lah... somehow, my head was spinning :P :P hehehe :D it was 845pm when WN asked what time we should leave, and i asked for another 15 mins as i need to stabilize my head and tummy :P hahaha.. left the hotel at 9pm, dropped WN at his office to get his car and i drove home. returned call to AS on the way back but couldnt get thru. returned call to angelina... and had a long chat until i reached home...

:) so glad to be home to my joelis... :) they waited for me too long that they fell asleep while i was still in the shower :)

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