Monday, August 6, 2007

mission accomplished, the hunt is over!

820pm... mission accomplished! you just wont be able to imagine how relieved i was after buying the dress, shoes, handbag and accessories for the dinner! *phew*... spent the whole lunch time at mid val today, skipped lunch. 4 of us, ally, angelina, me and taine. once we get off the cab, we split. that's what we normally do if each one of us has our own mission. ;) MB and i were texting each other just before that... he was doing his groceries shopping at mid val. so, my thought was, by 1pm he could have gone home. but.... tadaaa... he was still around. and was about to leave jusco when i smsed him asking if he is done with his shopping. by then, i already found the dress that i like, just that i have not tried them on. :) MB asked where i was... and seconds later.. he appeared with groceries shopping bags hanging left and right his hands. :D hehehe... we had a short chat... and just when i thought he was about to leave, i told him that i found the dress, and need his opinion if its okay... or if its too lacey...:D and... there he was... at the small shop with me.. and in the end, he waited for me to try both dresses! and yezza!! decided on the green dress.. yeup... green...and i am sure you cant imagine how green it can be... ahah!!! stay tuned then people..for pictures after the dinner! *wink* probably i am just bored with just plain black... so decided to put some colours this time :P

happily later, after sending MB half way to where he parked... i called my youngest sister and told her that i got a dress! and now i needed her help with accessories and shoes etc... in summary, we were both at bangsar village II at 630pm.... walking up and down jalan telawi to look for shoes and handbag... not one that i like... well yeaahh probably found one but it was RM200+... nahh... i dont even know the brand, claimed to be from china, and a pair of shoes cost that much... ?? hmmmm i dont think so... so there we were...walking that far although my legs were tired, hungry..almost frustrated.. when i finally found the shoes and matching handbag in bangsar village II! yey!! and the accessories too!! double yey!!

called up my mom later and ask if dinner is still around... and there was pecal which i just could not resist!! drove home... dreaming of the pecal... had dinner at home. yummmyy....

aaahhh so tired but happy...:) till later... ein signing off at 1142pm... good night people.. :)