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glam dinner 080807

by - August 09, 2007

was i grateful for getting the chance to be there. yes i was.. :) alhamdulillah... coz if not because of its paid for, hehehe.. :D dont think i'd pay that much to be there. the angels arrived late... everyone was already seated. hmmm... and in the beginning i dont see anything that can amuse me yet... except all men were in their black tie... the ladies were not all glamorous... except for anita sarawak and hubby, linda jasmin..(she looked fabulous!), wan zaleha...simple and yet beautiful.. those were among the celebrities that caught my attention. i took the opportunity to snap a photo with linda jasmin (which of course i looked so chubby!! shucks!!) and with wan zaleha.. and whispered to her prior to that, 'you look beautiful!' :) and yeaahhh... my face was like 2 size bigger than hers! :P duhh... the excitement began when they started the auction for a pair of watches.. and i am sure they are really expensive that the price started at RM50,000 per pair... and ended with RM150,000 per pair.. :O goshhh!!! where did these people get so much money?? well anyway, it was a charity ball... so everything was for a good cause. ;)

i enjoyed the fashion show.. and love the designs from gunawan - an indonesian designer... took a few photos there. the models look like angels on the runaway... :) atilia's powerful voice... ella's cool performance! and that guy singing justin timberlake's song was not bad too :D... my feet were already dancing under the table! :P although one of my friends did make a funny comment on him :D hehehe the songs are getting better towards the end of the night... the after party starts at 11pm. all guests started to leave the hall and all of us got up and started to crazily snapping pictures.. :D ahhh... ala-ala models gitu... perasan!! ahakss... well, not everyday we get to go to those functions okay. :P we went out and it seems that most of the guests were just mingling... and we were taking more photos outside. we decided to say hi to our former boss, datuk ibrahim and his lovely wife, datin nina juren... and... she is indeed a sweet lady.. humble and beautiful... and... of course... more photos!!! angelina and i were the ones who snapped lots of photos... ally was already waiting at the end of the red carpet :) hehehe... lupa diri pulak.. sorry... *gulp*... :P i went home in ally's car coz i left my car at her house. we had a good talk and laugh about the night.. stayed in the car at the porch looking at the pictures in my camera.. lol!! angelina called minutes later to check if we've got home safely. and the night did not end there... i took a few more snaps at ally's house... just trying so hard not to look chubby... :P :O oh well,... some photos turned out okay... some are just so bluecchhh... :D whatever it is... we had a great time :)

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