Sunday, July 8, 2007

get rid of those frustrations!!

sent my car for the regular 30K service...AND that adds to my anger for the week. ggrr.. i was without a car on friday. listed 8 things to be rectified, they kept my car for 1.5 day but did not solve most of them. all they did was to acknowledged on my complaints.. what the ^%$# and aarrgghhh..

the good thing that happened on friday, i was at JoeLis's school collecting their report cards.. joey got no 2 in class!! lisa was not so proud of her results this time, she got no 8 in her class out of about 40 kids. after the school visit, in the evening i was supposed to meet up with a few friends at the diving expo, and the friday traffic was really bad... i got stuck and ended up, i turned back and drove home. felt so frustrated. apart from all those frustration, managed to let it out by going for a good movie! die hard 4.. dont remember the last time i went for a midnight show. fuuhh... bruce willis.. love him!

saturday, tried not to wake up too late :D lisa went to her friend's house to do her school project. joey was left behind with me at home.. my 2 younger sister decided to go to bangsar to check out some things.. so, apa lagi.. joey and i decided to tag along since we are not doing anything.. and guess what... half way to bangsar the service centre called up and told me that my car is ready.. and.. my 2 younger sisters are so kind to drop joey and i by the roadside to take a cab!! aarrgghhhh... so, took my car..went for groceries shopping instead with my dear little joey! :) and later picked up lisa at her friend's house. went home, slept for a while, went out again, with my mom and JoeLis to KL Convention Centre... but.. in the end, we drove around KL.. and home :P [too lazy to tell more frustrating stories at the exhibition centre]

okay... the most interesting part of the day was later saturday night.. hehehehe.. jeng jeng jeng... to cut the story short, i ended up joining MB and his friends at SB.. hahaha :D yeaahh i have been crashing his party twice now.. anyway... the funny part was.. i strained my calf muscle.. which means.. doesnt really help to recover by wearing heels... but hey!! i cant go to SB without heels...!!! so, believe it or not, with that strained muscle, i put on my 2 or was it 2.5 inches heels, and i walked dengan selamba and tried so hard to hide the pain... :((... heheheh :D after SB, we went to ZB... both places are new to me. i had a great time, chat and laugh.. music was good too! cant elaborate too much here.. but i really had a great time.

wow.. this is 1 long report.. with no photos! :P