Sunday, June 3, 2007

nothing much...

i was hoping to go out on friday night..[although i wasnt feeling well] simply because i havent been really out.. [duhh...] :) hehehe... ally was out since about 5 and angelina joined her later... followed by SA and james. and i was home, watching tv. i was already asleep when an sms arrived at around 130am. it was MB... he was asking if i were out havin fun.. :) *sigh* i wish... :D what did i do on saturday? ohhh... :D we had a family meeting at my eldest sister's house... hehehe.. sounds so serious huh... :P well, yeahh... i guess once a while we need to have that kind of meeting so that everyone in the house understand each other better? *gullp...* and yeaa.. the usual, parents advicing their children... etc.. etc.. and i missed the final AF concert repeat again! :( huwwaaaaa... after the meeting, i went to do some measuring with my eldest sister and hubby...pick up children from their science class, and got home. i think i slept half of the day... goshh... and i dont remember what i did that night. hahaha...
sunday, went to a kenduri at my cousin's place in shah alam, and later went to my aunt's house in shah alam also. we heard that she could be not well, so we just pay her a visit. she has a nice garden by the way... :D i was not well myself.. made my
younger sister promise that she will drive to and fro in order for me to go along... hehehe.. i cant drive, i took the cough and flu medicine.. most of the time i was 'hi'! hehehehe :D my sister drove back and the traffic was horrible! we took a detour through bangsar..only to find out that there was a flash flood at jalan travers. my sister was already getting a headache... apa lagi... switch driver laah! i took over, and got home about 20 minutes later... had domino pizza for dinner.. everyone was too tired to go out to get dinner.. :D and that was it... and i was still feeling weak... :( lama betul rasanya tak sihat kali ni..