Thursday, June 28, 2007

my sensitive moments

i will have to make it quick. i have like 15 minutes before leaving the office. :) i isolated myself today at the office's library to get most of the urgent things done.. without any phone calls interference. will be having a gathering with a group of friends at tgif today for dinner.

yesterday, was a real tiring day... everything went well at first... still busy like crazy at the office. and about half of the day, felt shitty. yeup... shit.. i felt shitty... and hated it. smsed my gf and talked to her about it. called her later after work and i still feel shitty and down. drove home, got home, wanted to be alone, but the house was full with people and guests from surabaya. brought some of the guests to the 'guesthouse'. ended up having dinner there at about 1020pm, after smsing MB. smsed MB before that and told him that i was feeling down... he asked later if i want him to call me.. that was sweet of him.. but at that time, if he were to call me, i would cry.. when i reached the 'guesthouse', i smsed him again... and called him.. somehow, after hearing his voice, i felt a bit silly but a bit better.. yeaa... try and talk to someone while he's munching cereal!! :P heheheh :D or maybe i felt a bit better after crying in the shower..? i dunno... sms ended around 1130 when MB had to go for his beauty sleep! :P hahaha.. i slept after midnight... and got up at 6.00am this morning.. and reached office before 8.00am.. cool huh... should get shitty and stressed often, for me to arrive early at work! :P

anyway... off for my dinner now.. looking forward for a good time.. :)