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long weekend wuuhuuu... :D

by - May 31, 2007

been a really longggg day today at the office. not feeling so good. had a bad sore throat, chest pain.. went to the clinic and the doctor asked if there is anybody in my family has asthma. hemmm... dont think so. but yes, i am having difficulty in breathing. errgghh... cant afford to be sick... i wanna go out with MB tomorrow.. hahaha..! lol!
well anyway, went out with angelina and her hubby, ally and ray last nite. ray is/was here for a few days.. so we decided to meet up and showed ray our fav place.. hahaha.. yeup, had fun although it was a short nite out. looking forward for a long weekend.. will be on leave tomorrow! yey!! ehh why didnt we take pictures last nite eh... lupa la tuhhh :(
hmm.. whatelse? goshh... i am so sleepy.. all because of the medicine.

p/s: i still owe angelina 1 roti naan!!

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