Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sizzzlliingg hot!!! F1 experience..

Hey..hey…hey… i can still feel the heat! went to watch F1 for the first time! yeup.. i finally did it.. went to sepang on saturday and sunday. i loved it.. very very much!! and still feel excited… hehehehe.. been wanting to update my blog right after the race, but time was not on my side..again.. been really busy.. well anyway..this is how it got started.. i am/was not an F1 fan… used to dislike the season. back to memory lane, Cam used to watch tv in the room and i hated the sound of the cars… wiiiiuungggggggg.. and uurrgghh..hated it… but somehow, many months back before the F1 season started, i just had the thot.. and i told james. if he gets tickets this year, i wanna go..i just want to have the least once.. i am 34 and i wanna go to F1! unfortunately, when he finally got the tickets, he did not ask me to go with him… so, i was kinda sad... tried to rub it off my mind..
it so happened i had lunch with CM few days before the weekend. and she had tickets with her… better seats!! and the best thing ever… she asked, ‘u wanna go?’ fuhhh… i din know what to say… or feel.. i was like… i am actually going now?? started to feel nervous the nite before. what if it is really hot..? what if i cant stand the loud roaring engine? but.. i cant back off now… CM is gonna kill me!! her terms were, if i wanna go, i must go saturday and sunday :D and you know what…? saturday came.. i was glad that i went! CM and i are F1 virgin.. wakakaka! Lol! many thanks to CM’s hubby for the VIP treatment that we received. CM’s driver brought us to kompleks bunga raya, and we took the shuttle right to the mall. and just love the red tshirts!! so, on saturday, 4 of us decided to wear red on sunday. not that i am a fan of Ferrari… i just love the tshirt and the bright red color.. hehehe..bought the red sleeveless. CM bought one too! it was really hot…luckily it rained for a while.. i had the ear plugs on but the sound was still too loud for me to handle. i talked to CM about buying the headphones… and we got them on sunday! i enjoyed myself very much. and... good looking guys…all around..!! and oh ya…guess what..? we, RS, her bf and one of the coll (i think his name is John) queued to buy some drinks… and suddenly there’s one mat salleh came and ask if John can snap a picture for him… and he told John, ‘i want to take a picture with her!’ i went.. eerrrkk.. hehehe… so, apa lagi, i said, ‘ok!’ and he said thanks after that and blah.. hahaha the funny thing is, i don’t even remember how he looked like, but i know he was tall. hishh…rugi betul! hahaha john was still stunned. he said to me, ‘wow.. you must be flattered’ i giggled and said, ‘haha…it must be the fan that i was using!’ wokayy… enough berangan… lets talk about the cars!! err.. cars? what is there to talk about? i don’t even know the terms that they used. when i was seated there… i looked at the cars..i was my head was thinking… whoa… i just couldn’t write the right words to express my feelings about being there! when i saw them putting on the tyres…and saw it go… i was like…‘ternganga!!’ well, okay.. i admit, i did fall asleep during the race..kekekeke.. dozed off for a few minutes, until CM’s hubby threw something to me and woke me up! :D and watched the race till the end… went back with james and his gang on sunday, had early dinner at hartamas and james drove me home, reached home just after 8pm..or was it before 8pm? Before 10pm…i was already on dreamland…zzzzz feeling... satisfied! very.. !!
now, i understand how or why people love F1… well, maybe, i have not/don’t fully understand F1 like they do…but i am starting to understand more… and next year..if i get free ticket again, i will definitely go… with the same crowd, i hope. :D just one thing…i should have taken lots more photos! anyway, enjoy these photos… :)