Thursday, April 12, 2007

IQ question

A rich man needs _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A poor man has _ _ _ _ _ _ _
If u eat _ _ _ _ _ _ _ u die!

Only 1 word fits in all the 3 blanks… 7 huruf..

went to sleep at 11pm last nite after watching csi with joelis. cant remember what i dreamt... i woke up at 1am and couldnt sleep for more than 2 hours!! cant stop thinking about work at the office. thot of calling james or AS... but.. nahhh.. malas pulak... so, now after the meeting that we had in the afternoon... my mind is really really tired... and now its raining heavily at the office... wish i can go home and sleep... :(

so apa lagi??? jawab la iq question tuhh...! sapa jawab betul, i belanja roti canai at lotus ;)