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just do it!

by - April 24, 2007

have you ever felt that you wish you can do all the challenging stuff that you never thought that you can do it/them? :) i felt that... and i know/feel that somehow, life is too short to be wasted on unproductive things... worrying about unneccessary stuffs... etc...
however, it is still nice to still think of the sweet memories that you might have with someone. :) although that someone have made you cried... for crushing your heart and hope. it's that short moment of time that you have had with them managed to make you happy...
i am about to try something which i have been wanting to do, but i am scared. so, now i have to overcome my fear first.. right? anyway... if i succeed, i will announce it here... wakakaka.. aahhh sungguh teruja! hehehehe...
below are the things / activities that i never thot of doing but have done.. or in my plans... ahah!

> cat walk on stage - done it in 2005, managed to get into the semi-final, with lisa.
> snorkelling - done it in 2006. had this problem of not wanting to share the equipment. so, i bought my own snorkelling gear and i did it! :)
> mountain climbing - this is something that is quite far to reach.. heh..heh..
> diving - hmmm... thinking hard about it.. :)

well anyway, our office's family day is near... excited to go with joelis. its gonna be in genting highlands this time. okay la... joey has been asking me when i can bring him there, so since this is gonna be a free trip. ayuh je lah! the theme for the dinner this year is 'denim'. i went for shopping yesterday with james. frust giler... saw the jeans that i wanted, but i couldnt fit into them!! OMG!! felt like crying... ahhh... james had his time teasing me... chiss... tak per.. so, in the end, i did not buy any new pants/jeans... but i bought 2 tops.. okay la.. i can just modify the jeans that i have at home... huk.. huk.. huk... :( tension sih!

i managed to watch the repeat concert for AF5 last sunday... can u believe that i cried watching aizat sang that song... gosh... jiwang karat tul. but he did a good job during the concert. honestly i thot he wont be able to sing the song but he did it...!! and milla was sweet and wonderful. :) she did well with that 'drama' song...

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