Thursday, January 4, 2007

some pictures..

okay guys... here are some pictures that i owe.. :)

pictures during AZ'z birthday party at Gita Bayu...

joey's 1st day in school: he kinda left me... and wanted to be his friends during recess. i couldnt catch up with him. went round the canteen 3 times, couldnt find him... decided to go towards his class. met my fren and she told me that joey was looking for me, and was crying.. hehehe :D ingatkan cool mamat tu.... cry jugak...hahaha :D hehehe... nasib baik lisa ada... lisa was also looking for him but tak jumpa. at last found him seated with my elder sis.


Prince said...

Awww... birthday boy on his first day @ school... I bet its a scary experience!

jawe said...

awalnya he seemed to be cool... cuma nampak nervous sket... hehehe.. but ok la...he survived till the end.. ;)