now and then...

3 Years Ago...

How old were you?
: 32

Where did you go to school?
: workin oredi laaa… where got school..

Where did you work?
: WZ

Where did you live?
: TK

Where did you hang out?
: I don’t hang out…

How was your hair style?
: shoulder length…I think

Did you wear glasses?
: no

Who was your best friend?
: always been charmene & ally

Who was your regular-person crush?
: 3 years back? Hehehe …james bond..

What car did you drive?
: Hyundai coupe

What was your worst fear?
: to be alone

Had you smoked yet?
: 3 years back? I don’t really..

Had you been arrested?
: never...

: married


January 2007...

How old are you?
: 34+ ..can aaa..?? hehehe :D

Where do you go to school?
: mander school dey…

Where do you work?
: WZ

where do u live?
: same place

Where do you hang out?
: lotus.. craven.. devi’s bangsar ..plaza damas

Do you wear glasses?
: no

Who are your best friends?
: diff people on case to case basis…hehehe :D

Who is your crush?
: none

What car do you drive now?
: citra

Hair now?
: shoulder length

Do you still smoke now?
: try not to... no

What is your biggest fear?
: losing my joelis

Have you been arrested?
: no

Has your heart been broken?
: yeup

: taken ;-)

Any regrets that you have from 3 years ago?
: no regrets…life goes on.


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