Wednesday, January 24, 2007

feelin like %$#@

have not been feelin like this for quite some time.. and when i thot all will be okay...obviously not.. why does it have to be this way...? why is it happening to me? why do i have to face all this ^%$#?? i dont need this now... diverting my thots elsewhere now. *taking a deep breath* it better be nothing.. james...jennifer...angelina... mayday!! ~ end :P
had another conversation with my little joey about 2 nites ago. :) before we both go to sleep... lisa still sleeps with my mom... still afraid of joey's chicken pox... hahaha:D
joey: maaa.
me: yes darling.. :)
joey: kalau dia dah warna hitam, is it good or bad? (he was referring to his chicken pox's scar)
me: well, that means, it is drying up..
joey: ye laa... is it good or bad?
me: okay..macam nie laa... kalau joey tak kopek...tak de scar... good la
joey: tapi kelly kopek kan... kat muka dia..
me: yeup... nanti jadik macam mama punya...ada scar... yang kat muka jangan usik.. kat tempat lain ok lagi..
joey: kat muka tak boleh ada scar?
me: ye..
joey: kalau ada scar?
me: iigghhh.... kalau ada scar nanti tak handsome lah!
joey: tapi unc WN ada scar, dia handsome jugak..
me: speechless.. *sigh* hemmm... what did u say?
joey: i said, unc WN ada scar... ada jahit2 kat tangan dia, dia handsome jugak...tak pe kan mama?
me: hemmm..
joey: tapi tak de kat muka dia kan mama?
me: hmmm entah...mama tak perasan pulak.. dah la..tido.. ngarut la..
joey: mumbling.... and baca his doa...
me: *smile*