joelis asked for a hamster for so long. i ignored their request :).... bukan apa... we travel quite frequent.. kalau ada pet.. nanti gi travel pun tak tenang.. enough la my dad with his ayamsss... and plus.. siapa nak jaga, bersihkan, spend on food. bla..bla..blaa.. tapi akhirnya... after a few persuasions and assurance akhirnya.. and also ganging up with they're unc WN... i jugak tewas. they called her 'cindy'.. 2 days ago, my sister buat gempak... sent me an sms 'i think cindy is dying!' alamaks... see..i jugak panic... cannot la like this..dah start to be attached. it's fun watching her running up and down her cage. :) playing with the apa tu...yg wheels tu... smsed unc WN the same message... biasa la org pompuan..kalau panic tak leh nak pikir straight... i was actually on the way to my lawyer's office masa tu... mana nak carik jalan ke lawyer's ofc.. mana nak sms... mana nak pikir.. unc WN asked me to call the pet shop where we bought 'cindy'...ha'ah ehh...why didn't i think of that...duhh... so, i called up the shop and ask the salesboy what should i do.. so dia pun... bagi la lessons...hehehe:D... i got home that nite.. cleaned up the cage..again.. changed her food and drink.. soon after..dah active balik!! yey... super mom...;) so now, everyday in the morning, i will give her fresh food and after work, i will clean the mess that she did during the day. hmmm... see... akaq jugak yang kena buat.. already told joelis and everyone at home to leave 'cindy' alone for a week for her to be okay balik... coz dia stressed... hahaha.. nanti later2 will put up better picture of her.. ;)


Prince said…
The unsung hero again...:-P

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