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fantabulous raya 2006

by - November 01, 2006

is there such word? hehehe.. okay, i owe a write up on our raya 2006 celebration. here goes. when we were in kampong, i have lots of things to write. pergi sini, rasa mcm nak masuk dlm blog, pergi sana, rasa mcm nak update jugak.. but in the end, cant squeeze everything coz mood sudah lari. haha :D raya this year was just like any other raya. its the 2nd raya for JoeLis without daddy. this year they seemed to be quite calm about it, except that Lisa was unwell the night before that i was kinda panicked. Joey had his 1st experience following my dad for takbir raya! he was so excited! :D i was calmer too this year abt not having him around. but of course, feeling of something that's missing is still there. but hey... life is good and we need to move on :) my mom however was weak. yeup... she has always been the most energetic one. she loves shopping but this year, i felt it, that she no longer shop that much. she gets tired easily. same goes preparation before raya. but alhamdulillah, we have a good helper at home, and things were easier to manage in the kitchen.

1st raya, as usual we gathered at home. my elder sister and family joined for bermaaf2an and photo session. :) yezzaa... annual event during raya! my parents' friends and other relatives came. i ended my shift just after lunch. james came over for lunch and later i went out with james and joelis to our friend's house in mwati. had a good time and great food, although as usual, i dont eat that much. i continued my shift around 9pm till 1130pm at home. my 2 younger sisters and maid pengsan oredi....hehehe..

2nd raya, my kids and i wore blue. we had breakfast at our usual breakfast hangout with the family. and headed for kg later. went to PJ first to unc zul's house, then, my dad's bro-in-law, also in PJ.. finally went balik kampong. 1st day in kg, went to 5 houses, so total 7 houses. my mom looked so tired later in the evening, so we decided to stop and get a place to sleep for the night.. :) by 10 smthg, everyone's asleep. oh yes, before that, we had an experience with a road bully, ended having maghrib at the police station to make a police report. kesian my mom, dah tak tenang dibuatnya. tapi tak pe... everything ended okay, and we know where he stays ;)

3rd raya, push off from our cabin around after 9am. 1st house was my nenek ngah's house. 3rd raya is a casual wear day for JoeLis. those baju that their wearing are sponsored by my mom. hehehe.. without my parents, i dont know what's gonna happen to me. ayah and mama have always been there during my bad times. covered 2 houses in kg, and proceed to shah alam and kota damansara. total covered, 5 houses.

4th raya, travelled to banting and spend the whole day there. :) balik sumer dah pening and mabuk... hehehe... too tired. by 6.30pm we reached our house. getting ready for an open house for the next day. ;-) that's it... tiring huh? well, i enjoyed every moment that i spent with everyone this raya. and i am saying it coz i really did, walaupun penat gillerrrr....

check out our Raya 2006 album for more pictures. :)

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