Wednesday, September 20, 2006

things that we cant stop... when from a friendship, it leads to something more than that. right now, i am sad that it has somehow affected our friendship. am not saying that he has always been there for me, but he is someone that i can rely on. i have been thinking that at times, when we are nice to some people, that does not mean that it should lead to something more than friendship. there are things that we need to understand that sudah lumrahnya, it will only remain friends. it is sad but that's how it is. whatever it is, i am still open to Allah swt's decision. what plans that He has for me.

btw, as i was driving to office this morning, saw someone that made me smile... someone that i dont know, but he made me smile... and made me believe that i still have hope :)

right now, i miss joelis... so very much..

been busy at work..and been neglecting my blog :D... i have a few posts saved as draft. will publish them once i manage to find time..till we meet again.